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Award plate - Simplicitas

Printed aluminum center plate with brushed aluminum frame

Economical and ideal award plate to congratulate your colleagues on an accomplishment

59.99 $ to 154.99 $ depending on options

Quantity discount offered

The Simplicitas award plate has many options such as :

- Five base format available with the custom format option

- Four color for the center plate with the possibility of using a personnalized color/texture

- With or without a silver frame for an elegant finish

This type of recognition plate is economical, minimalist and easy to install to offer a plate that everyone likes for a very affordable price.

The Simplicitas type of award plate is a model made of aluminum. Its five-sided structure, one of which is printed, gives a finished and simple appearance. This type of plate is ideal for thanking or honoring coworkers for an accomplishment or simply to show some gratitude towards them.

At Wetag, we make sure that your award, honorary or recognition plates contain information exactly as you want it and detailed beyond your expectations. The Simplicitas plates are a perfect example of plates that are versatile to match any decor while being aesthetically pleasing. This aspect is realized thanks to quality materials giving a clean background color and texture as well as an infallible style.

Honorary plaque - Honoris

Arched aluminum plate with solid wood

Popular plate model that is eye-catching and excellent for honoring a milestone event whether it's a success or a departure.

95,00 $ to 255,00 $ depending on options

Quantity discount offered

The Honoris honorary plate offer several options : 

- Three formats for the center plate

- Four color of metal available with the possibility of custom color

- Two orientations of the wooden supports for an impressive impact on the end result.

- Natural birch wood available with the choice between three applicable stains and the possibility of having your custom stain.

This type of honorary plate is arched, stylized and honorable to constitute a plaque of original form that goes out of the way to mark an event or a success just as unusual.

The Honoris model of honorary plate represents a very versatile style of plaque that can also be used to honor the success or departure of one or more people in your organization. The unique design of this plaque in addition to the many options allows it to compliment any decor.

Honorary plaques are an area well known to the Wetag team and we are constantly trying to reinvent it to better meet your wants and needs. Our flexibility in being able to make curved plaques as well as to work with solid wood allowed us to develop the Honoris honorary plate of which we are very proud. This plate is possible thanks to our advanced equipment, but also thanks to our talented employees dedicated and passionate about making quality products.

Recognition plate - Moderna

Clear glass plate with printed aluminum

Modern plate ideal for displaying a portrait of a distinctive person or team

120,00 $ to 240,00 $ depending on options

Quantity discount offered

The Moderna type of recognition plate has several options to offer :

Five layouts of elements meeting all tastes 

Possibility of custom dimensions

Four metal colors available with possibility of custom color

This modern recognition plate with a clean finish that we have named Moderna is one of our models most appreciated by professionals in various fields when it comes to thanking one or more specific for their contribution.

The Moderna plate is a plaque model used in various circumstances both to thank colleagues and to immortalize outstanding achievements in various organizations. The premium appearance of this plate for its reasonable price is probably one of its greatest strengths.

Our team has been able to develop this recognition plate model with the objective of offering a plate offering flexibility in its arrangements while maintaining a simple installation without having to drastically increase the price. The Moderna plate is a plaque that compliments any environment with meticulously engraved glass and printed metal.

Award plate - Ornate

Acid-etched aluminum bevelled plate

Elegant and refined plate of great value with very high precision engraving

450,00 $ to more than 1000,00 $ depending on options

Quantity discount offered

Ornate honorary plaques offer :

- Five formats with different dimensions

- Possibility of custom dimensions

- Bevel included for a finish worthy of the ones deserving this plate model

This type of honor platee is elegant, refined and made of high quality acid etched aluminum to be one of the most coveted plates among the luxury type.

The Ornate award plate represents a very elegant and coveted style among luxury plates. The clean and refined design can compliment any content whether it's to honor a team's success or to honor the passing of a colleague.

This award plate model is possible thanks to the expertise of our staff who perfectly master the art of acid engraving on thick aluminum plates. Each of our plates is meticulously analyzed to ensure the absence of defects in order to maximize the satisfaction of our customers. The Ornate honorary plaque is our most premium model and has always exceeded the expectations of our most demanding customers.

Plaques commémoratives et inaugurales

En développement... Voyez nos pages de matériaux et faites une demande sur celles-ci

Pour les plaques commémoratives et inaugurales, nous offrons...

Ces matériaux sont durables, luxueux et très résistants pour laisser une marque prestigieuse et mémorable de l'événement souhaité.

Une plaque commémorative est une plaque, généralement faite de métal, fixée à un mur ou une autre surface verticale et portant du texte et/ou une image en relief dans l'objectif de  commémorer une ou plusieurs personnes, un événement, l'histoire d'un lieu ou autre chose.

Une plaque inaugurale est, dans le même ordre d'idée, une plaque de metal fixée sur une surface permettant de montrer un texte et/ou une image en relief afin d'inaugurer un événement spécifique tel que le construction d'un bâtiment.

Wetag est la nouvelle façade des entreprise InsignExpress ainsi que Gravure Robitaille qui représentent des décennies de connaissances dans la gravure de métaux. Cette expérience vous garantis une gravure de haute précision qui respecte exactement ce que vous désirez comme résultat. 

Plaques honorifiques et de reconnaissances

En développement... Voyez nos pages de matériaux et faites une demande sur celles-ci

Pour les plaques honorifiques et de reconnaissances, nous suggérons...

L'aluminium épuré, durable et réfléchissant est idéal pour célébrer et dénoter une ou plusieurs personnes pour leur accomplissement réalisé.

Les plaques honorifiques ou de reconnaissances sont des plaques qui ont comme objectif d'honorer ou de reconnaitre une ou plusieurs personnes pour leur accomplissement. Ces plaques sont généralement de moyen format et un matériau réfléchissant comme l'aluminium est idéal pour donner un aspect prestigieux aux personnes concernées ainsi qu'à l'accomplissement réussi.

Wetag est bien reconnu auprès de ses clients pour offrir des plaques honorifiques et des plaques de reconnaissances qui dépassent les attentes pour un prix plus qu'abordable! Nos plaques sont faites en aluminium d'excellente qualité qui offre un fini bien propre. Nos plaques honorifiques ou de reconnaissances ont toujours su tapper dans l'oeil de nos clients souhaitant obtenir des plaques en aluminium épurées et réfléchissantes permettant de souligner un accomplissement comme il se doit.

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