Do you store client data?

With whom do you share information collected on your website?

Your information is not shared with any third-party. Please view our complete Privacy Policy here.

Do you protect the content of our final creations?

All your creations remain your property. Should we decide that one of your creations be interesting to other clients, we will contact you and ask for your consent in writing, to allow us to integrate your model into our line of products. Should integration happen, we will of course modify all the elements that could be used to identify you or your business. Your creations will never be published on your site without your written consent.

Product Quality / Returns

It is very important you contact us before returning any of our products

The color of the object ordered is not identical to the one displayed on your website. Why?

From one computer screen to another, colors render very differently, making it appear as if the same color varies. You can order free samples of materials here.

Are your products of good quality?

We manufacture our products with proven techniques and resistant and robust materials. If you chose to use our products for other uses than those they were designed for, then it is possible that their lifespan be reduced.

I am Dissatisfied with my Product, may I Return it?

Your satisfaction is of great concern to us. Should a material used not be to your complete satisfaction, we will gladly take it back. However, please understand that all products are made to order according to your needs. Therefore, should the dissatisfaction come from an error on your part (e.g. typo, wrong size ordered...), we will not be able to take the product back.

How long to I Have to Return my Product?

- If your product is defective when it reaches you, please advise us within 24 hours of receiving it

- If the product does not correspond to your order, please advise us within 30 days.

- If you are dissatisfied with your product, please advise us within 7 days.

- If your product breaks, please advise us within 30 days.

- If your product breaks prematurely, please contact us.

Do you Pay for the Shipping Costs of Returns?

Before you return any product, you MUST contact us. Please do not return your products without our expressed consent, or they will be returned back to you at your cost. For all approved returns, we will provide you with pertinent instructions and we will cover shipping costs.

Website use

What should the quality of my image be for optimum results?

An easy solution is to add your image to your product, to adjust it to the size you want, then print your product using your customization tool’s “Print” button. This way, you’re sure to get exactly what you want. The greater the resolution of your image, the better the result. Image resolution is given in pixels: the most pixels give the best resolution. Our website accepts images having up to 16,000,000 pixels (4,000 pixels X 4,000 pixels). This resolution is seldom reached with regular files. The file formats accepted by our website end in: .jpg, .gif , and .png.

If you wish, we can create a high-resolution file for your logo free of charge. Just send your logo in .ai or .eps format. We will add your high-resolution logo to your account, which only you may access. We might not be able to transform your logo to high resolution due to problems that occurred during the creation of your initial file. To get your logo in the right format, contact the company that created your logo or your business card.

How do I add my image to a product?

Many of our products give you the option of adding custom images to objects. To do so, select a configurable product (when you select a configurable product, you get a window like this), then click on “Image", and choose "Add an image".

NOTE: Your images are accessible at all times when you are logged on to your account. 

Time to Manufacture

Once we receive your order, we will verify it and then we will inform you of the probable time it will take to manufacture. Usually, the time to manufacture is 3-4 business days. The order is then immediately shipped out to you.

The delivery time for stamps that are currently out of stock is 2 weeks.


When do you Ship my Order?

Orders are shipped as soon as all the elements ordered are manufactured. However, should a specific product require a higher than usual time to manufacture or order, it will be sent to you later, at no shipping cost to you.

Why do you Only Ship with Canada Post?

In order to streamline our shipping process, we have chosen to use a single carrier. This allows us to offer you the most competitive shipping cost available.


I have a Question to Which I Cannot Find the Answer on your Website

Please email us using the contact form. Please ensure correct spelling of your email address to ensure you receive the reply.