Name plates


Interior signage plates

(Hotel / residential / commercial / office)

For interior signage, we strongly recommend...

These materials are economical, customizable and easy to install in order to meet all your interior signage needs.

Interior signage plates are medium to large format plates that can be hung or fixed to a wall to identify the function, use or vocation of a place or object in that place.

At Wetag, we make sure that your interior signage plates contain your text, logo or pictogram designed exactly as you want it and detailed beyond your expectations. Interior signage plates must allow everyone to see and understand certain information. This is achieved by using quality materials giving a clean background color and texture, but sufficiently distinct in order to catch the eye without compromising the information.

Plaques commémoratives et inaugurales

En développement... Voyez nos pages de matériaux et faites une demande sur celles-ci

Pour les plaques commémoratives et inaugurales, nous offrons...

Ces matériaux sont durables, luxueux et très résistants pour laisser une marque prestigieuse et mémorable de l'événement souhaité.

Une plaque commémorative est une plaque, généralement faite de métal, fixée à un mur ou une autre surface verticale et portant du texte et/ou une image en relief dans l'objectif de  commémorer une ou plusieurs personnes, un événement, l'histoire d'un lieu ou autre chose.

Une plaque inaugurale est, dans le même ordre d'idée, une plaque de metal fixée sur une surface permettant de montrer un texte et/ou une image en relief afin d'inaugurer un événement spécifique tel que le construction d'un bâtiment.

Wetag est la nouvelle façade des entreprise InsignExpress ainsi que Gravure Robitaille qui représentent des décennies de connaissances dans la gravure de métaux. Cette expérience vous garantis une gravure de haute précision qui respecte exactement ce que vous désirez comme résultat. 

Plaques honorifiques et de reconnaissances

En développement... Voyez nos pages de matériaux et faites une demande sur celles-ci

Pour les plaques honorifiques et de reconnaissances, nous suggérons...

L'aluminium épuré, durable et réfléchissant est idéal pour célébrer et dénoter une ou plusieurs personnes pour leur accomplissement réalisé.

Les plaques honorifiques ou de reconnaissances sont des plaques qui ont comme objectif d'honorer ou de reconnaitre une ou plusieurs personnes pour leur accomplissement. Ces plaques sont généralement de moyen format et un matériau réfléchissant comme l'aluminium est idéal pour donner un aspect prestigieux aux personnes concernées ainsi qu'à l'accomplissement réussi.

Wetag est bien reconnu auprès de ses clients pour offrir des plaques honorifiques et des plaques de reconnaissances qui dépassent les attentes pour un prix plus qu'abordable! Nos plaques sont faites en aluminium d'excellente qualité qui offre un fini bien propre. Nos plaques honorifiques ou de reconnaissances ont toujours su tapper dans l'oeil de nos clients souhaitant obtenir des plaques en aluminium épurées et réfléchissantes permettant de souligner un accomplissement comme il se doit.

Name plates

(Industrial / electrical / plumbing)

For nameplates, we suggest ...

These materials are versatile and can easily be adapted to your needs depending on the field of application. We invite you to read the descriptions of each of our materials to make sure you pick the ideal one for you.

Nameplates are used on many products or machines to designate the manufacturer, brand, product name, serial code, or product properties such as wattage, weight, size, etc. Depending on the product or the machinery where the nameplate will be installed, it is important to choose a material that can withstand the environment, such as anodized aluminum engraved with its greater resistance than standard aluminum.

Nameplates are a specialty area for Wetag. Our ability to adapt with our materials and our engraving or printing techniques makes our company a must in the market. Our instruments allow us to make personalized nameplates that are very resistant for an unbeatable value for money.

Other plates

(Private / decoration)

For custom plates that do not cover a standard area or utility you can consult our materials in the section directly below this to find the ideal material to meet your needs.

Whether it is to indicate your private property, the presence of a surveillance camera or simply act as decoration, we are certain to have the ideal knowledge and materials for your plates. Take the time to ckeck our materials at the bottom of this section to find the right material for your custom plates needs.

Our ability to adapt to your needs makes our company a must in the market for all types of plates. Our expertise and our instruments allow us to make various types of personalized plates, meticulously following your instructions.

Our materials

Aluminum printing

Printed aluminum

• Quality material, resistant and durable

• Metallic and glossy finish ideal for displaying your logo or important text

• The plate can be drilled to be riveted or there is also the possibility of adding a resistant adhesive

• Possibility of having rounded corners or a customizable shape with great precision

• Primarily designed for indoor display if you want your colors to stay true for a long time.

Engraved metals

Acier inoxydable

Anodised aluminum

• High quality material, very strong and durable in harsh environments

• Metallic finish of the engraving to display a logo or text being very visible despite the absence of color

• All the colors available for the background are black (three thicknesses), blue, red and gold

• The plate can be drilled to be riveted or there is the possibility of adding a resistant adhesive

• Inside / Outside

Lamacoid / Engraved plastic

Lamacoid / Engraved plastic

Plate - Engraved plastic

• Possibility of making customizable shapes with great precision

• Largest choice of color among all plate categories

• Only two colors possible on the same plate

• Option of a bevel for a better finish

• Inside / Outside

Plate - Plastic engraved on the back

• Smooth transparent plate, covered and engraved on the back

• Can be painted on the back to put the engraving of one or more specific colors

Advantage - Plastic engraved on the back

Color in customizable engraving
Since we are engraving in a transparent plate, there is the possibility of filling the engravings with a paint of the color of your choice.

Easy cleaning
Featuring a smooth finish, our back-engraved plastic nameplates can easily be cleaned.

Plate - Engraved textured plastic

• Only two colors possible on the same plate

• More scratch resistant due to the textured surface

• Option of a bevel for a better finish

Advantage - Engraved textured plastic

Textured surface
The surface of these plastic nameplates is textured which gives them better resistance to scratches.

More information on our services

Samples available


After finding the materials that interest you for your nameplates, you can request a free sample to verify that our materials and production processes meet your needs. The standard size of our samples is 32mm x 25mm (1 1/4 "x 1").

Samples are usually sent by post letter via Canada Post, but it is possible to send them by parcel post if you wish to receive them faster. Additionally, if you require a larger sample size or if you ever cannot find a sample of the material you are interested in you can contact us by email at

Engraving and impression


We offer a variety of materials that we can manufacture and customize to meticulously meet your nameplate needs. By selecting the ideal material according to your needs, the color variant and finally by filling in all the details on the personalization of your plate you can be sure to find what you are looking for!

Currently, we offer printed aluminum, four types of engraved metals and three variations of engraved plastic. Take the time to explore the choices to make sure you choose the right material for your needs. We have provided you with a great deal of information on each of the materials in order to guide you in your choice.

More about us


We are a Canadian company that takes the level of satisfaction of its customers to heart. We try to offer the most personalized service while offering high quality products.

After 10 years of learning from we created Wetag to better meet your current needs. With Wetag, we have built a team that will constantly evolve products so that you find what you need quickly and easily.

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