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The name tag may seem like a simple object in its concept, but it is precisely its simplicity that makes its strength in making it a flashy accessory and which can give good added value to your customer service without having to say a word ! Hairdressers and barbers love the custom touch that our name tags give to their service.

Each market has its level of competition and its different ways of standing out. Name tags are ideal for standing out from your competitors by adding a touch of aesthetics and attention to detail.

The advantage of Wetag's name tags is that your employees representing your company can proudly display personalized name tags reflecting your company's ideas and values.

Name tags can make all the difference when it comes to gratifying, congratulating and motivating employees to surpass themselves when in contact with customers or even between colleagues. An accessory made with the names and positions of the employees is an excellent sign of recognition from the employer.

The major advantage of the name tag remains its very affordable price for all the benefits provided to your customers as well as to your employees.

We manufacture our name tags with quality materials made especially to meet all the needs regarding the regular and durable use of name tags. Hairdressers and barbers appreciate the durability our name tags offer.

Our name tags are all proudly produced in Canada! See more details about advantages we offer with our name tags here


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